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Are you a curator? That's cool btw.


Hi, PopSoda. Can't say I'm a curator. I programmed some recent game jam things of the , mainly because the formal curator and programmer Adwards was killed in an accident (this could provide more info). Thank you for reaching me.

Oh! Ok then, are you and zero close friends? Is there any lore in it? Thank you for replying!

Hmm, not very close. We have never seen each other. And I have no idea what he is doing except playing games and making wired things.

Warning! Our video does contain swearing!

We loved the game and our excited to play more. We struggled at the start to understand certain concepts but all in all, had a great time playing it :D

Ha-ha, thank you for the video, really a lot swearing! And yeah, the game's appearance failed to explain the rules very well. And the first several levels still need a lot polishing until they can teaching the rules clearly. Those are lessons I learned for this game, wish I can run it better in my next game.

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Thank you for sharing this video and WOW, you finished the first part so fast! You really know how to play this game. It's amazing to see people playing my game in different style. Thx!

Hey! Played a bit of this on my channel!

Thank you for playing! I love this video and the cover you made is awesome!!