Zoom Hide Seek

A multiplayer game played over Zoom

How to Play over Zoom

  1. Open Zoom, invite friends
  2. Open Game, share screen, give remote control to a friend
  3. The remote controller: click 4 letters to win
  4. The other players: observe and say "Stop, your number is XXX!"
    Then the remote controller press Spacebar to reveal your number, if it's XXX, you lose otherwise you win.

How to Play locally

  1. Hide you hands and mouse
  2. Same

Made in a week for Prototype Studio course at the NYU Game Center.
Prompt: Zoom Game

Instructor: Bennett Foddy


zoom-hide-seek-osx.zip 36 MB
Version 0.4.7 82 days ago
zoom-hide-seek-windows-x86.zip 24 MB
Version 0.4.7 82 days ago
zoom-hide-seek-windows-x64.zip 27 MB
Version 0.4.7 82 days ago
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