A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a demo of Nainai’s Recipe, we are still in development! You can find us @NainaiRecipe where we do progress updates and share tech & art stuff!

Open your fridge, choose the ingredients, examine, chop, seasoning, heat, and taste them. During the lockdown, you start to learn how to cook from your dear grandma.

Nainai’s Recipe is a game that captures the cooking feeling in stylized visuals. And a family story about how we lived together in a special way during the pandemic.

  • Maximum control - no preset ingredient slice texture, no performance-oriented steps,  we want you to enjoy cooking a meal from start to finish.
  • Food to a larger food tradition - We curated a stylized kitchen with strong flavor about a Chinese kitchen, including appliances, condiments, and food choices.
  • Bonding moment with Nainai - During this difficult period of time, you will have more chance than ever to talk to your Nainai and know her story!

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奶奶的菜谱是一个关注烹饪的真实体验的游戏。也是一个关于我们如何在 2020 年用一种特殊的方式生活在一起的家庭故事。

  • 充分自由度 - 游戏不使用预设的食材状态,玩家可以自由的控制做饭的流程,用自己的方法做出不同的食物。
  • 中国美食的传统 - 食物与文化紧密相关,它不仅仅在多样的厨具,厨房的外貌,也在于做饭的程序,食材的搭配,食物的味道等等。我们希望在方方面面上捕捉到它们。
  • 奶奶的故事 - 菜谱也通过家庭传承。长大后就和奶奶没有什么共同话题了,希望能借着学做菜的机会多聊几句。听到她的故事,再次认识奶奶。

奶奶的菜谱是我们在纽约大学游戏中心(NYU Game Center)的毕设作品。游戏已支持中文。目前还在继续开发中,你也可以在 Steam 加入心愿单关注游戏的发布消息。

如果在游戏中遇到 Bug,请使用游戏内的 Bug report 功能向我们发送错误信息(支持中文输入)。其他支持可通过 nainais.recipe@gmail.com 联系我们,感谢试玩!


0.9.6 - Apr 24, 2022 - New features and bugfixes, story for day 2.
0.7.15 - Jul 23, 2021 - Added Chinese support 中文支持. Narrative improvement.
0.7.14 - Jun 23, 2021 - Fixed a bug where the phone can't be put down. Fixed a bug where some ingredients always be raw.
0.7.13 - Jun 5, 2021 - Fixed a resolution related bug.
0.7.12 - May 30, 2021 - Added a feedback button. Day 3 can be played (but no story).
0.7.10 - May 21, 2021 - Improved the performance of finely cut pieces

If you meet a bug, feel free to send us a bug report in the game!
For support or any other inquiries, contact us at nainais.recipe@gmail.com
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date May 20, 2021
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(242 total ratings)
AuthorsMai Hou, FannF
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Casual, Cooking, family, Female Protagonist, Food, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Xbox controller


nainais-recipe-windows-x64.zip 89 MB
Version 0.9.7 Apr 25, 2022
nainais-recipe-windows-x86.zip 85 MB
Version 0.9.7 Apr 25, 2022
nainais-recipe-mac-universal.zip 99 MB
Version 0.9.7 Apr 25, 2022
nainais-recipe-linux-x64.zip 106 MB
Version 0.9.7 Apr 25, 2022


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tried this game and it is such a great experience! I cant wait for more espically cooking. I might learn how to cook dishes thanks to this lol

is this still in development or has it been scrapped? hope its still being worked on as id love to play more!!!





ahhh this was so fun!!! nowdays theres so little fun cooking games

yeah! Always love cooking game\( ̄︶ ̄*\)


anybody know what to press after i download it and open the file?? :/

Dude, you need to unzip the package, then find the NaiNai Recipe.exe, open it and everything would go well.

I don't know if this was my problem, but the game was very laggy. Does anyone else have the same problem or a solution?

me toooo why is it?


Texting on the phone every 5 seconds in a game is beyond annoying, I downloaded the game to cook not text someone the whole time, I can do that in real life.


Yeah u can also cook irl u idiot


No need to get so angry it's my opinion.

(1 edit) (+1)

maann this is so good, i wish more games like this is made. Every now and then we just need some heart warming stuff like. auto wishlisted on steam!!



Awesome cooking game this game runs extremely smoothe and is super cozy!


i dont know how to enter it lol sommeone heeeeeeeeeeeelp





such a cozy little game. its everything i want in a cooking sim. Hope it comes out soon! for now ill perfect my skills with this demo

I used to play this game alot on pc about a year ago, and I had no issues running the game, but trying to play on my mac the lag on my mouse made it impossible to hit start. I hope this gets fixed soon, i absolutely love this game.

its soooo laggy cant even click start 

love this but got stuck at the end of day 2, don't know how to get to the next day??


it wont let you continue until you finish your plate! sometimes little food bits get hidden in the plate, click around until you find it. You arent missing much tho since its just a demo and theres nothing after day 2

the lag is so bad i cant even click start :(

New video from **SpookySlothPlays**!

this game was super cute but i got stuck after the first recipue was completed. I would love to play more!! 

tinha de tudo para ser bom, mas tem dialogos imensos, suuuuper maçante e entediante

i like the game so far but... i couldnt even move the mouse cause it was bugging like craaaazy and the the texting was taking too long or the intro was also taking too long couldnt even come far maybe its also my laptop imma try it later again.

I cant download it and i use desktop and i have no popup blocker so what do i do

I wasn't able to control my mouse which was annoying but overall I loved the look of the game :)


this grandma or whatever takes forever to write back, i'd would rather call her and choose dialogue options while talking with her.

Besides that it reminded me of cooking mama for nintendo ds.

nice artstyle!


super super fun!! the only thing that kinda sucks is not being able to pick up full bowls of stuff to put ingredients in all at once after prepping, and when you have a lot of ingredients cut up it gets really laggy. i had to stop playing on day 2 (my computer isn't bad or anything either)

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This is really cool. I'm looking forward to the full version!

I really liked how the game lets me cook based on how I took the recipe! I love how there's no mandated way to do ABC when cooking, which is close to reality! :) I was able to make some decisions on my own, e.g. leaving out an ingredient since I don't like it.

I also liked how there were adjectives to describe how it tasted (when we eat the food we cooked)! I also noticed color and adjectives differences if the food wasn't cooked thoroughly... or balancedly.... I hope you get what I'm trying to say.

I liked how the game let me send emojis and pics whenever I wanted! That being said, I wish Nainai's responses to pictures/emojis I sent were a bit more relevant. Nainai could only say "huh," "wow,". I think a generic complimenting response would be great (especially for pics!), like "Looks good!", "Beautiful."

A few other things that bothered me were how I couldn't pick up a plate of ingredients and pour them to the pan. I also thought the eating part could be better by eating a group immediately without clicking them one-by-one.

I'm confident that you guys are working on them for the full version, if everyone else says the same thing.

Again, thank you for making such a beautiful game. Can't wait for the release!

I'm begging you

release it on the play store plsss


I really, really, really, reallyyy like this game! I haven't found any free cooking games that was actually good! But this one is amazing! I do have one compliant though - personally I think eating takes wayyy too long, I do like that it tells you how it tastes, but I hate clicking on every single little bit of the food to eat it I feel like you should eat it in one big bite ( not all of the food but say you pick up some and then eat that all in one bite/click! ) just a personal thing though. 💗


Im so sad, the game is amazing but i cant play it full.

Unfortunately I can't play the game completely like my favorite streamer did. 
 I'm missing the cutting board and knife. I can't eat this food. I don't have a calendar on the fridge...

I can't control my cursor when i opened it.

nai nai is exactly like mine, confused about everything online but sends you recipes :) thank you for making this






Can you please add a chromebook version?? plz i wanna play it so bad

every time i try to download it it wont let me oen it..


how to I dowload it??

Hi, what platform are you using? If you open this page at a desktop browser, you should see the download buttons. But if you are using a mobile device, unfortunately we don’t support it.

(1 edit)

I use a desktop browser but I already downloded it but I cant pass the level where I make Stir fried tufo 

it says the software has to be updated to make sure that it's safe for Mac. Can you please update it cause I really want to play it. :))))

If you right-click on the app and press “Open”. It shows a warning, close it, and right-click -> “Open” again. Now it shows a same warning but with a “Open” button. Then you can click “Open” to play the game. Let me know if it doesn’t work!


this game is satisfatory but IT TAKES TO LONG to reply the mensages :(


Thanks for the feedback!


This was really really good! It was very relaxing and calming :D

Thank you!

It was a lot of fun

Thank you!



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