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I just streamed this and it's so lovely! I'm so excited to see the final project because it's so wonderful! ^_^

Thank you!!

how to play ?

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Hey L_2420, you can click one of the download buttons above according to your OS. Then decompress the downloaded file and open “Nainai Recipe”. The game will start!


my type of game




That's a wonderful game! I haven't felt so relaxed and entertained for so long) Thank you for this demo, i'll definitely wait for a full game

Thank you!


I enjoyed this demo. Especially the parts where I chopped food. I wish it were possible to chop the food into smaller pieces. I was worried I'd burnt the pork, also. I expected there to be an indicator of when the ingredients were gone or a "you added too much" indicator.

Hi sinousine, thanks for the suggestion!


Woah this looks so interesting :D I'll say, as a native, this looks very much like life during the lockdown in 2020...I'd absolutely like to see the Chinese-linked elements. Will definitely play this, but only after taking my Graduation Exam XD (中考? I wonder if you have Chinese in the team :)

Thank you! Good luck with 中考!!!!


A relaxing masterpiece! Can't wait for the full release.

Thank you!

Love it



Hi ! I loved the game, I liked the relax and laid-back style gameplay. If you wanna look at my video on the game well go ahead it will mean the world to me but to be honest it's a game that is more fun to experience more than watch someone else play...

I will say tho that I'm hoping to reach 20 subs and it would be very nice of anyone to consider subscribing to my channel

Thank you so much for the video!

Thank YOU for this game!

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i love love love the interface and functionality of the game, LOVEEEE the fact you can cut however you want and there's no like real "limit" to how the food gets cut. AMAZING. I would love a sandbox mode. (even if it's the same ingredients, just being able to screw around with them and see how badly I can mess up the food would be funny )

issues ive had so far: the text messages like to bug out and not work sometimes, leading the game to never be able to progress. I've mainly had this issue on day 2. It gets stuck on a forever typing bubbles loop at the beginning of day 2 unless I send a photo, then it's no response from there. (unless that part hasn't been developed yet and it actually doesnt have any text messages)


overall I'm obsessed with the detail and the graphics and the freedom it gives (such as you can pretty much cook whatever is in the fridge, even if it's completely the wrong way that you're supposed to)

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Thank you so much for the feedback! We just uploaded a new version that fixed the typing forever issue on day 2. But as you mentioned the story is still not ready for day 2.

sweet! i'm excited to watch this progress over time!


I absolutely love the details put in this game. The rice cooker, brick-shaped kitchen knife, mortar on the shelf, and especially the 水仙花 on the window... it is reminiscent of the time I spent with my Nainai. Thank you so much for creating this experience!

Thank you!! It means a lot!

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how do i get to day 3 i cant and i love this game please make longer 

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Wow thanks! Just updated version 0.7.12, now day 3 is playable! But currently day 2 & 3 is still WIP with only some new ingredients (no recipe or stories) you can experiment if you want!

I love it <3

Thank you <3

Nice game

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Thank you! I enjoyed the video!

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Hi! Sorry, the game will not save during the cooking. If you screwed up, you have to accept it or restart the day, because it’s a part the experience of the real cooking! But it has checkpoints for each day (i.e. each level). Currently it’ll reset the checkpoints every time you start the game since we only have 1 level available!


Game keeps quitting unexpectedly. I downloaded the mac version and I get this notice. 

Hi Sillybean30, sorry for that! 😢 But I can’t see the notice. Is it a screenshot? If so and if you still have the screenshot, could you send the notice to ? We’ll add a bug report function in next update!

Hello!I enjoy this game so much!But when i open the phone on messages,sometimes NaiNai doesnt answer,and i hvae to restart.Can you fix this bug?Or if is not a bug,tell me what to do.Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for playing! Is hard to tell the problem without knowing when exactly NaiNai is not responding, but we are planning on doing iteration on narrative very soon. So we will test all dialogue and hopefully, we can find and fix the problem!

Thanks for Reading this!Hope IT will be fixed SOON!But the game is still good!

i have this issue, I think the text messages for day 2 haven't been developed yet and that's why she doesn't respond except for the photos and the explaining the dish after the "have you finished" thing

Yes, you are right!

Any plans to bring out a Linux version? :)

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Hi thanks! I just uploaded a Linux build but I can’t test it since I don’t have a Linux system installed. You can try it if you want!

Hey, seems to work perfectly :D

I started playing this game on my macbook, but it always makes it laggy. Besides that, it is a very good game!

Thanks for letting us know! We will continue optimizing performance for the next update!

I have not empathized with a game so much in a long time, I love it!

Thank u💗!

for some reason, i am unable to play this game on my 4k monitor! It shows up in a weird, cropped, view and is unplayable past the first conversation. Luckily i have a 1080p one as well, but hopefully that is something that can be fixed. otherwise this game is super pleasant and cute and fun

Thanks for letting us know! Will try to fix it on our next update!

its just need options button

Yes, we will add it

This is a really chill and relaxing game for sure. I hope you give us a sandbox mode that just lets us throw in any food we want and cook it. Otherwise, nice showcase. (Warning: Do not play said demo while hungry.)

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Thank you for playing! Yeah, we are definitely considering adding a sandbox mode!


Thank you for the playthrough!

this feels like the exact type of game ive been looking for forever, its super cute and calming! i'm so excited to watch it get more added into it!!!!


Thank you! We will!

I hope to add more kitchenware, and the way to dialogue with  grandmother can expressed video calls in the way. The text can be played on the page like live broadcast.

Thank you for your advice! We have considered using video calls or voice messages, let’s see how the development goes!

how do i rotate things on mac? I don't have a mouse scroller, thank you :)

Thanks for playing, you can use two fingers to scroll on magic mouse or touchpad to rotate, you can also use W/S to rotate too! Hope you enjoy

im gonna make some traditional swedish meals when its done downloading, wish me luck

Thank you so much! Good luck!


Just curious, why you use "nainai", not "grandma" for the game name, just because it's a Chinese background game?


Hey thanks. We think by using “nainai” it feels closer to her than using “grandma” because this is how we call her everyday. Also we think using “nainai” indicates that it’s a game about Chinese food and Chinese culture.




Thanks! 感谢建议!


Cute and heartful game. Enjoyed it.

Thank youuuu!

This game is a truly lovely one!

Thank you!!

Hiiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept of the game is quite original.

-The gameplay mechanics and the "short story" feel really cohesive/solid and kept me interested on the development of the game as It felt quite fun and relaxing.

-The visual style is totally on point with the theme of the game and works perfectly with the rest of the elements.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for the feedback!

You are welcome ^^

i love it :D

Thank you izhika! ❤

So silky!

Thank you!

Great game, really enjoyed it and think it has a lot of potential! I think adding some more sound (SFX & soundtrack) would help, but I'll definitely keep watching to see how the game progresses. Well done!

Thank you so much! Definitely a lot of plans in mind!

Can't wait for more!

So happy you enjoyed our game, More to come soon!

So cute game!I also want to call my nainai,tonight I will call her. Thanks!

Thank you for playing!


I am so excited!


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