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loving it^^

im think this is a very cute game =3

i will make deal with you

I really love the game! It's been a long time since I've been looking for games like these and all I could find is the cooking simulator. Specifically, this one is better because of the storyline it provides. I don't know how to cook, but I tried following some real recipes. Thank you for this wonderful game! Much love!

As a big fan of cooking game, I enjoy it a lot!!! The visuals are attractive and make me hungry after playing this game. I want to cook more dishes at this time, and I'm going to cook after it hahaha.

i love the game so much :) the freedom we get w the cooking is fantastic though it's a little laggy on mac, looking forward to the full game!!

i truly loved playing the demo. i love how precise the game is, you can take your time, and enjoy the cute graphisms and colors. wonderful game, hope to see you soon on steam. thank you for all your great work !

i adore this game!! its soo aesthetic and the visuals are chefs kiss, I love simulation and food so the combo turend out really good!

Such a laid back experience to play through with my friend. Love the atmosphere, the color scheme, and most of all, the food.

This game was so adorable and fun. ❤️

this game was super cute :)




amazing experience of affection

how many people in your team?


when I saw the 炒锅 and the 大蒜、辣椒、白菜、酱油 on the cover, I just know that this is our Chinese food

love it soooo muchhhhh

it was so cool i finished the demo 

hope it free


absolutly love this demo! Can't wait to see the end project!!!

I really liked the demo. The only thing that I'd advice you to develop is the physics or appearance of sauces in the game because I personally found it a little bit poor. I mean when I cook the colour and thickness of the sauce helps me a lot. Thank you for the demo and wish you all the best!

A legenda demora muito para aparecer, parece que aparece uma letra a cada 5 segundos. A mensagem também. Existe uma chave para pular ou não há solução?

after fried tofu, how do we get out when we're done eating? i spammed nainai but nothing happens.


The game is really cool but I don't know if it's because of the laptop I'm using (Macbook Pro 2020) but the cursor is really delayed so it is quite hard to play the game.


This game is actually really cute and somewhat addicting to me. At first, i find that this game is a bit confusing, but turns out we just needed to chat with nainai first. One thing that's kinda annoying for me is that when we eat, it's always displaying the quality of the food over and over again. Overall, this game is really good and i love it. Can't wait for the full version :D

I love the storyline and cooking, this game is just generally so cute I love it :)


The game is very laggy and everything moves very slow, maybe it's just my laptop Lol.
But I love the storyline and the cooking, I really wanna play more of this :)


it's fun but a little bit confusing or it's just me. the phone is kind of annoying especially when you can't skip it :)

that so fun :0

this is good ngl



It just incredible, has a story line and after we cook we can actually eat it and the taste of the food will displayed to us. I expect this game has more level, but i know developing an amazing game must be hard effort, so keep it up!


Hello! I made a video about this demo for french viewers. Really enjoyed playing it! I'll wait for the full release, I'd really like to play more levels of this game ! 

loved this game loved the mechanics for the cooking!! hope you release more levels!!!

Thank you!


This is one of the best games I ever played! I really enjoy it but I'm sad to there is not more levels than level 2. Will there be more levels cuz I need them in my life. Thank you.

Thank you Eli, we will develop more levels!

Something was updated 13 hours ago; was the game updated?


Yes, we updated a little, with story for day 2. And some new features and bugfixes.

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It was very nice. I like the educational aspect of the game as a novice to cooking. However, there was a text bug in day 2 that caused all of Nainai's responses to immediately display off-screen and force me to scroll down to read them, and then the next ones would all appear at once the moment I picked a reply.

Then I took a photo of my food while eating it and was able to restart the entire conversation beginning with naming the food. So there are conversation bugs, but the cooking was amazing and very fun!





This game is astonishing! the story (so far) is cute, the graphics are amazing, and its so de-stressing to play. 10/10.

Thank you!!!

I love this game! It feels so calming and cozy and I especially love how we have some freedom to cook, admittedly I was flustered playing thsi because I didn't have any clear instructions but as I kept playing on I began to slowly love cooking through this digital space and it makes me want to cook in real life too! Wonderful game, can't wait to see the updates and learning more about the story there is all while cooking~!!

Thank you!!

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