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I used to play this game alot on pc about a year ago, and I had no issues running the game, but trying to play on my mac the lag on my mouse made it impossible to hit start. I hope this gets fixed soon, i absolutely love this game.

its soooo laggy cant even click start 

love this but got stuck at the end of day 2, don't know how to get to the next day??

it wont let you continue until you finish your plate! sometimes little food bits get hidden in the plate, click around until you find it. You arent missing much tho since its just a demo and theres nothing after day 2

the lag is so bad i cant even click start :(

New video from **SpookySlothPlays**!

this game was super cute but i got stuck after the first recipue was completed. I would love to play more!! 

tinha de tudo para ser bom, mas tem dialogos imensos, suuuuper maçante e entediante

i like the game so far but... i couldnt even move the mouse cause it was bugging like craaaazy and the the texting was taking too long or the intro was also taking too long couldnt even come far maybe its also my laptop imma try it later again.

I cant download it and i use desktop and i have no popup blocker so what do i do

I wasn't able to control my mouse which was annoying but overall I loved the look of the game :)


this grandma or whatever takes forever to write back, i'd would rather call her and choose dialogue options while talking with her.

Besides that it reminded me of cooking mama for nintendo ds.

nice artstyle!


super super fun!! the only thing that kinda sucks is not being able to pick up full bowls of stuff to put ingredients in all at once after prepping, and when you have a lot of ingredients cut up it gets really laggy. i had to stop playing on day 2 (my computer isn't bad or anything either)

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This is really cool. I'm looking forward to the full version!

I really liked how the game lets me cook based on how I took the recipe! I love how there's no mandated way to do ABC when cooking, which is close to reality! :) I was able to make some decisions on my own, e.g. leaving out an ingredient since I don't like it.

I also liked how there were adjectives to describe how it tasted (when we eat the food we cooked)! I also noticed color and adjectives differences if the food wasn't cooked thoroughly... or balancedly.... I hope you get what I'm trying to say.

I liked how the game let me send emojis and pics whenever I wanted! That being said, I wish Nainai's responses to pictures/emojis I sent were a bit more relevant. Nainai could only say "huh," "wow,". I think a generic complimenting response would be great (especially for pics!), like "Looks good!", "Beautiful."

A few other things that bothered me were how I couldn't pick up a plate of ingredients and pour them to the pan. I also thought the eating part could be better by eating a group immediately without clicking them one-by-one.

I'm confident that you guys are working on them for the full version, if everyone else says the same thing.

Again, thank you for making such a beautiful game. Can't wait for the release!

I'm begging you

release it on the play store plsss


I really, really, really, reallyyy like this game! I haven't found any free cooking games that was actually good! But this one is amazing! I do have one compliant though - personally I think eating takes wayyy too long, I do like that it tells you how it tastes, but I hate clicking on every single little bit of the food to eat it I feel like you should eat it in one big bite ( not all of the food but say you pick up some and then eat that all in one bite/click! ) just a personal thing though. 💗


Im so sad, the game is amazing but i cant play it full.

Unfortunately I can't play the game completely like my favorite streamer did. 
 I'm missing the cutting board and knife. I can't eat this food. I don't have a calendar on the fridge...

I can't control my cursor when i opened it.

nai nai is exactly like mine, confused about everything online but sends you recipes :) thank you for making this





Can you please add a chromebook version?? plz i wanna play it so bad

every time i try to download it it wont let me oen it..


how to I dowload it??

Hi, what platform are you using? If you open this page at a desktop browser, you should see the download buttons. But if you are using a mobile device, unfortunately we don’t support it.

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I use a desktop browser but I already downloded it but I cant pass the level where I make Stir fried tufo 

it says the software has to be updated to make sure that it's safe for Mac. Can you please update it cause I really want to play it. :))))

If you right-click on the app and press “Open”. It shows a warning, close it, and right-click -> “Open” again. Now it shows a same warning but with a “Open” button. Then you can click “Open” to play the game. Let me know if it doesn’t work!


this game is satisfatory but IT TAKES TO LONG to reply the mensages :(


Thanks for the feedback!


This was really really good! It was very relaxing and calming :D

Thank you!

It was a lot of fun

Thank you!



Hi! I was very positively impressed by your game. I've played through the demo, and I really enjoyed how you keep in contact with Nainai and heed her suggestions (or not, it's nice you have freedom of choice in how you cook).

Also, given the setting, it has a very tangible bittersweet quality, because you just know that the pandemic and lockdowns are going to happen and alter their relationship, there are already hints in the message exchange. As an Italian, I can relate, at least to a degree.

I am also a game localizer, and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity of translating your game into Italian, should you be interested. I have the feeling this game would spark an interest in many Italian gamers, exactly because of its themes, and it would be lovely to make it known to a wider audience.

Whatever your reply might be, I wish you luck with the game's development, and I hope the final release will happen soon!

Thank you!

Patiently awaiting the release of this game. I really, really like it. Actually brought me to tears towards the end of my play through as I thought about my own grandmother, it's so full of heart and longing. I wish I could have had memories like this, so Nainai's Recipes is cathartic. Please bring the love and warmth of a full release to us soon. <3


Thank you thank you <3


Hi, this is a great game. However, the mouse is extremely slowly. I wonder when you going to release the full version.

thanks for the feedback!

i would suggest you to add a settings option to change the resolution so that it is playable on most laptops

thanks for the feedback!

i loved the game one day i hope i could make something like it

Thank you and best luck!


This game is so good !! very relaxing and I already wishlist it on steam I hope you guys will release the full version of this game soon I definitely pay money for this awesome game!

Thank you!


loved this! really gave me memories when i was having a chat with my mom while she's cooking. I can't wait for the full version!

Thank you!


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i loved this game so much ive been searching for this style of games for year

thank you!

B站看到视频来的 很喜欢






the demo made me crave for more. this is such an awesome game, i love everything about it. from the aesthetics to the actual gameplay,, everything is perfect༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


Thank you thank you! (◍•ᴗ•◍)



Thank you!




Hi I'm on windows but idk which one to download. pls tell me


You can get either windows versions, I dont think it matters!

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