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I love this game! It feels so calming and cozy and I especially love how we have some freedom to cook, admittedly I was flustered playing thsi because I didn't have any clear instructions but as I kept playing on I began to slowly love cooking through this digital space and it makes me want to cook in real life too! Wonderful game, can't wait to see the updates and learning more about the story there is all while cooking~!!

Thank you!!


It looks amazing! I love the color, the design, the whole art is really pretty. I was amazed to see how interactive this game is. I had so MUCH fun with the cooking 😭❤️❤️ and omg granny is the best!!!! I wanted to keep talking to her forever.

I felt so happy playing it. I really hope I got to see more from you and this game 🤗❤️


Thank you so much!

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Visually amazing and so cozy! I'm Filipino, but even this reminds me of home and family. My only qualm was that I couldn't work out how to progress any further than day 1! After Nainai asks for a picture of the food and I send her the photos and mention that I'm done, the game prompts me to talk about Yeye. After that, I get asked whether I've finished eating again and the cycle repeats! I've tried restarting the game, but sometimes Nainai doesn't say anything so I find myself stuck.

Am I taking pictures of the wrong thing? I'd love to play days 2 and 3, but I feel the directions towards the end are too vague for me to progress. 

(Also very minor, but at some point i'd accidentally tossed a lot of the food out of the wok and there's no way to clean up/put them back in or on the plate)

Otherwise, I love this game!!! Can't wait to see where it goes in future. ^_^ I already know I'll enjoy playing the full thing.

Thank you thank you!

Is it possible to add the keyboard commands? Since i don't have the mouse and once I leave the fridge I can't go back and get more ingredients because I can't figure out how to rotate. 

LOL, you don’t have a mouse?

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Amazing game 

thank you!

im not sure how to get past day 1, im seeing a bunch of people saying theyve played 2 and 3 :-( what do you do after you finish cooking the first thing? nainai stopped replying to me so im kind of stuck!! 

i really like the game so far and cant wait to figure things out so i can enjoy it moreeee ! very cozy and nice i love that theres no grading system, it makes it very relaxed


you take a photo :D 



thank you!

This is a really good game, I prefer to send this game to Uncle Roger.



Need to have "egg fried rice".

Can give Uncle Roger promote your game.

thank you!






i hope this thesis game thrives, cause this game is awesome; it was a cool find while i was browsing through itch io trying to find the best game, and guess what; i found one.

Thank you!

Just played it. I really enjoyed the game. It was laid back and fun. I hope the player is able to "eat" the food that they just made.

Yes! We just uploaded a new demo that you are able to eat the dish!

Super cozy game. I loved how we control everything, even the size of the slices and things like that. But I was expecting actual recipes, not for me to mix something up. (If there were recipes, I completely missed them). I'm excited for days 2 and 3.

Thank you!

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很喜欢这款游戏,自由度很高,喜欢以后继续优化,越做越好。建议1.每天不用更换冰箱里的菜品,但每天都能有格式不同的,很多种类的菜品,现在有点太少了选择不够多。2.优化切菜的功能,能进行快切,以及增加更多的做菜工具,比如捣蒜机,烤箱,锅(用于煲汤)······还有你们是如何将游戏下载到桌面的?有人能帮帮我解答这个问题吗,我每次想打开只能再一次打开浏览器。      希望游戏能尽快正式上线!!



煮汤!煮汤!煮汤!(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~








I really enjoyed playing the game on Day 1, but after day 1, although we do get some time to fool around and try a bunch of things, I'd still like some smaller recipes for side dishes, as someone who isn't good at being creative. If I had some inspiration, I think I could be a bit more experimental.

Thank you! We just updated a new demo with a completed day 2!

The game was fun to play an visually very pretty.

Thanks you!

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I loved the game, I'll tell you I was crazy to play a game with cooking where I could do whatever I want and then I found your game, I loved playing it so much even though it's just a small demo and I have few things :>

Thank you so much!



谢谢,目前我们 demo 只有完整的第一关,后续内容还在开发会在完整版中放出。

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我觉得如果可以增加去买菜的画面会更生活化。菜品可以多一点,调料多一点像辣椒酱还有番茄酱什么的。如果可以调火候会更好。总体来说就是更真一点会更好。对了还有吃饭的时间如果能再快一点点就好。i think it will be more lifelike if there's a part of the player going to the grocery store and buy the food that they needed because the food that we can cook with is not much so it will be better if you added more food. and more seasonings like chili sauce and tomato sauce. it would be better if the heat could be adjusted. by the way is=f the eating time be less than now than it will be perfect








The game is visually beautiful and the cooking mechanics are better than in cooking simulator to be honest. But the time it takes for nainai to write a message is painful. I don't know if that's intended, but I was waiting for the recipe for 1:30 mins. Every other message was really slow, I was waiting a long time to get them. Also sometimes I didn't know if I had to send an emoji or take a picture or something else, because the messages were just not being received. All in all a beautiful game, but the mechanic with the messages needs to be done a bit better. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback. Will ask Nainai to type faster.


why does my game lag in day 3?

Thanks! We will optimize the performance later

alright thank you!


Love it!! Can't wait for the full game :D


Story: 8/10 not anything deep or full of lore, very cute and calming, fits the atmosphere/genre of the game perfectly. Only complaint is that all the story is stemming from just the texts of two people so far. It isn't a big complaint however. 

Visuals: 10/10 it isn't gorgeous god-like realism, but it has it's own style that merges well with the vibes that adds a lot to the game and the feeling it's trying to get across. I'm glad they didn't make it extremely realistic since I think that would take away from the soft vibes of the game. 

Gameplay: 9/10 not difficult-to-remember controls at all since there isn't too much to do in the game other than cook. I really like how easy the game is compared to other cooking games, with all the time limits and multi-tasking; I wish more cooking games were as simple as this! Not a complaint, but I deducted a point because I just feel like it's not incredibly brilliant or anything. 

Overall: 9.5/10 I'm so happy that I found a game as amazing as this! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of the game develop! Until then, I'll just be replaying the game and enjoying the short demo. 


- I like how it has no music since I feel like for some reason that COULD take away from the atmosphere. Maybe if the developer(s) added music it could be in the form of a radio that you can toggle on and off?

- I think I'd prefer it if the eating was done by clicking on the food manually rather than waiting? 

- Just an addon if they have time, but I think it'd be really cool if you could add a description (even one lasting a couple words is good) for each ingredient?

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Hi TealStar -3-, thank you so much for the comment. It’s inspiring and encouraging.

About the music, yes, we are working on it right now.

About the eating, we haven’t really spent time on polishing this part. You suggestion is great!

About the description, yes, we now have a basic system for it, but we are thinking about how we can make it work with the rest of the game.

Thank you again!

I am a disappointment to Yin Yin

i cannot instal the game:( anyone can help me? i just turn off windows security and restart my pc every single time to download this game😥





是Window 7 64位的!




Excellent start! Very impressed by the slicing and cooking mechanics and the real-time texting mechanic. Excited for the final game.

Quick playability thing: difficult to play on my MacBook because it defaults to max resolution.


Thank you! We had a limitation on the max resolution for mac, not sure if it’s actually working. We’ll add an option menu with resolution setting in the future for sure!

most realistic cooking game with its mechanics and its feeling :)

Thank you so much!



这个游戏好好玩!但是很快就结束了有点意犹未尽   我觉得可以有更多的菜式  然后调料多一点点 



i loved it cant wait for more days 
sometimes i felt like the dialogue is way more than required,but its a good way to show how friendly and talkative the characters are, could turn out to be a great story if proper thought is put into it.

overall i loved it an i would definitely play it again,it was relaxing

p.s:- could add some ambient music 



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