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Love it!! Can't wait for the full game :D


Story: 8/10 not anything deep or full of lore, very cute and calming, fits the atmosphere/genre of the game perfectly. Only complaint is that all the story is stemming from just the texts of two people so far. It isn't a big complaint however. 

Visuals: 10/10 it isn't gorgeous god-like realism, but it has it's own style that merges well with the vibes that adds a lot to the game and the feeling it's trying to get across. I'm glad they didn't make it extremely realistic since I think that would take away from the soft vibes of the game. 

Gameplay: 9/10 not difficult-to-remember controls at all since there isn't too much to do in the game other than cook. I really like how easy the game is compared to other cooking games, with all the time limits and multi-tasking; I wish more cooking games were as simple as this! Not a complaint, but I deducted a point because I just feel like it's not incredibly brilliant or anything. 

Overall: 9.5/10 I'm so happy that I found a game as amazing as this! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of the game develop! Until then, I'll just be replaying the game and enjoying the short demo. 


- I like how it has no music since I feel like for some reason that COULD take away from the atmosphere. Maybe if the developer(s) added music it could be in the form of a radio that you can toggle on and off?

- I think I'd prefer it if the eating was done by clicking on the food manually rather than waiting? 

- Just an addon if they have time, but I think it'd be really cool if you could add a description (even one lasting a couple words is good) for each ingredient?

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Hi TealStar -3-, thank you so much for the comment. It’s inspiring and encouraging.

About the music, yes, we are working on it right now.

About the eating, we haven’t really spent time on polishing this part. You suggestion is great!

About the description, yes, we now have a basic system for it, but we are thinking about how we can make it work with the rest of the game.

Thank you again!

I am a disappointment to Yin Yin

i cannot instal the game:( anyone can help me? i just turn off windows security and restart my pc every single time to download this game😥





是Window 7 64位的!




Excellent start! Very impressed by the slicing and cooking mechanics and the real-time texting mechanic. Excited for the final game.

Quick playability thing: difficult to play on my MacBook because it defaults to max resolution.


Thank you! We had a limitation on the max resolution for mac, not sure if it’s actually working. We’ll add an option menu with resolution setting in the future for sure!

most realistic cooking game with its mechanics and its feeling :)

Thank you so much!



这个游戏好好玩!但是很快就结束了有点意犹未尽   我觉得可以有更多的菜式  然后调料多一点点 



i loved it cant wait for more days 
sometimes i felt like the dialogue is way more than required,but its a good way to show how friendly and talkative the characters are, could turn out to be a great story if proper thought is put into it.

overall i loved it an i would definitely play it again,it was relaxing

p.s:- could add some ambient music 




This Game is so good I wish there was more, its so simple yet it works so well. I do wish that I had a few more ingredients to choose from and maybe the instead of one meal per day how about multiple(breakfast, lunch and dinner). 


Thanks! There’re so many works to be done



Please help meeeeee


Sorry! I’m looking into this issue!


Nainai is so late answering me


I can't played game because nainai is so late answering me 


I really enjoy the game! The atmosphere is honestly amazing, can't wait to see how this game progresses in the future! :D


Thank you so much!

I really liked this game. The chopping mechanics is quite satisfying to use, And the atmosphere is so...... relaxing. The art style is quite simple and pleasing to the eye. Overall it's a cute little game. Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for playing it!




谢谢!炒完菜后是可以端起锅上菜的,这个我们后续会优化引导。奶奶不说话确认是一个 bug,最新版已经修复。正式版还得开发一阵。

Deleted 203 days ago

Thank you nuggetts2! May I ask did you send any emoji or message during the 5 mins?

Deleted 203 days ago

OK, I’ll look into fixing this, thanks so much for the feedback!


i loved this demo sm!! its very calmin. cant waight for it to be finished!!


Thank you! <3

Hi! I really loved this demo and I can't wait til it's fully developed! I missed out on a few features during my first playthrough (like sampling the ingredients). Also completely botched my meal...... (Turns out rare pork isn't a thing unlike rare beef)

One thing I noticed was that the rice was reducing in size after the dish was done, implying the character is eating the rice only after the dish. Just a suggestion that maybe they could both reduce at the same rate? :) Keep up the great work!!

Haha, thank you! The character will eat in a different order each time, like a little personality. I will check if there is a bug that causes her to always eat dish first and then the rice. Thanks for the feedback, glad you noticed that.

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Is it just me or when I play this game Nainai takes a looong time to respond?

Hi Antok21! Thanks for the feedbacks! How long do Nainai responds during your play? Usually she needs a few seconds to read the message and a few seconds to response. Does that feels long for you?

Aaaah I loved this so much!!! Very peaceful and home-y :) Nainai is adorable haha! I can't wait for the full game to come out!! You may already have this planned, but I think it would be a good addition to have the mouse-drift optional. <333

Thank you Half Machine for the suggestions! Could you be more specific about mouse-drift? Is it means the camera pan movement when the mouse moves to the edges of the screen?

I Played a month or so ago on an older build, and had a great time! I accidently cut the food up so much it lagged my computer lol. i love these more open ended cooking games so much; would def be okay paying for a full release in the future. My only real criticisms atm are really small. I'd really like more camera freedom to just look around the kitchen & go in/out the fridge, and i think it would be cool if i could pull ingredients out of droors/cabinets. Thank-you fannf & Hou mai!

Hi Cube, Thanks for the video and suggestions!! We will definitely try to add more freedom to the game!

this game would probably be one of my favorite games on itch haha! i loved the art, the gameplay, the pictures, texts, i could go on for hours xd can't wait to see more of this game, i will defo be following the development of it! i included this game in my video, the time stamp is 0:58 - 2:04, i had alot of fun (even though i didn't follow the instructions at all LOL) 

HAHAAA, really like you video! Thanks for playing it!

Thank you so much for not saying anything about the lack of beef in my food I'm vegan so that was very heartwarming 😊


Having community new year's celebrations cancelled in 2020 is a milestone that gets overlooked in mainstream COVID timelines -- great choice for framing this game! I miss my popo so much, can't wait to spend more time with nainai.

Thank you!

super fun and relaxing! it would be nice if we had maybe eggs or cheese to use, and maybe e able to use the grater too!

Thank you! We have future plans to bring more kitchenware into gameplay!

It is a good cooking game. I personally loved it and it's a complete phone game.

thank you!

You're welcome!

Can't light my own house on fire 0/10

lol 🔥🔥


Thank you!

Great little cooking game. I really enjoyed the freeform style of cooking.

I'd really like a little cue for knowing how cooked things are. Maybe an egg timer you can set, by the pan, to have an idea of how long things are cooking?
Might just be me, getting distracted. =D

I'm excited to see where this goes, for sure. =]

Thank you! An egg timer is a great idea. We once had a discussion about it, but in the end we didn’t add it due to time issue. We’ll definitely consider adding more tiny tools when we extend the cooking methods. <3

Sounds great.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next, as this was a really novel experience. =]


I really love the visuals! Turning the ingredient felt a little wonky, but it was really satisfying to see it being served and eaten ^^

thank you!💗






This is actually really adorable I am super excited for the next two days ❤




This game is so cute! Gonna keep an eye on this one for sure!




This is really lovely, I'm eagerly looking forward to days 2 and 3 once they're ready! Thank you for a wonderful experience <3

Thank you for playing!💗


This is a fantastic little game. I'm looking forward to the updates! 
Though I think Nainai would be disappointed in my cooking if she saw what was really going on...


thank you for playing! Nainai will be happy cuz you tried!


What a wonderful game! It's so comfy and sweet... though I'm worried about nainai. She said she's fine but she's just trying not to worry us, isn't she!?

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Oh... it says in the updates that day 3 can be played, but my version (windows-x86) showed a note after day one saying the rest would be added later. Let me try again and see if I can keep cooking! (edit: after deleting the save and starting a game from the x64 zip this time, it still says to wait for days 2 and 3. So I'll wait! I'm happily looking forward to the rest. And congratulations both of you on finishing your thesis!)


Thank you for playing! Yes, day 2 and 3 can be played but the story is not finished! (I’ll clarify it in the update, thanks!)

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